Let There Be Blog!


Today is an important day, gentle reader. Today is the day on which I announce that Tuesday is the official day on which this blog gets updated! I come to this decision as a way of giving myself deadlines for my creativity, and because Monday is too soon after the weekend to commit to having something new to say every week.

Fun fact about Tuesday: its name derives from Middle English Tewesday, or "Tiw's day," in reference to the Norse god of combat and victory, often depicted with only one hand. He is also associated with the Roman god Mars, hence Tuesday's name in Romance languages, like the Spanish martes and French mardi.

I thought that this post would be a good time to set down a mission statement of sorts for this blog. The only other blog that I've actively kept was a LiveJournal that I had in high school. It ended up serving as mostly a sort of public diary where my friends could read about my feelings. I would also make random funny lists and the occasional essay about why I thought the culture in my high school was so terrible. One such essay was one of the very few sources of true drama in my life.

But that is not what this blog is going to be! I will not be giving updates on my life here, except as it pertains to my music making, or other internet-related shenanigans. I will try my best to give you thoughtful pieces every week about topics that I am interested in. Topics like, "Am I using the word 'electrocute' correctly?" (If by 'correctly' you mean 'according to its original definition', no, you're not.) "Can I avoid being gendered?" (No, you can't, and that's crazy.) "Is the set of all fractions between 0 and 1 a countable infinity?" (Yes, it is.) "Is the idea of Apple having a monopoly on the smartphone market scary?" (Yes, it is, despite the iPhone being great.) "What makes Dante Alighieri such a badass?" (He wrote a poem about complete knowledge of the universe!) "Is the existence of beings as intelligent as us an inevitable progression of evolution?" (No, I really don't think it is.) "Do you think people have the ability to instantly transfer ideas from their minds into the minds of people around them?" (Yeah, it's called spoken language!) And many more topics at least as interesting as those!

I find the world endlessly fascinating, and I want to be able to explain to others how understanding the world can be incredibly satisfying. Even though I'm interested in some really technical things, I am going to try my best to not assume lots of background knowledge in my blog posts. And while it might seem from what I've said that I want this blog to be educational, my actual goal is to be entertaining. I just happen to find that learning new things and figuring things out is one of the most fun things that you can do.

I don't want to define the nature of this blog too closely, as I'll certainly want to try different things out, and play around. I think part of the beauty of the internet is that it gives people the ability to adapt and redefine what they do based on the response they get. I totally expect to look back at these first posts in a few months and think that their tone is totally bizarre or that they misrepresent what the blog has become, and that'll be fine. Practicing my own writing is also one of my goals. Comments are always welcomed.

So, until next Tuesday, keep being awesome!

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