Everything and Nothing

The main chord progression of this song (first heard in the "free speech" section) oscillates between major and minor chords. The first two times it appears, the bass line emphasizes only the major chords, while the third time it appears (the "suffering" section), the bass line changes to give the same chord progression a much more minor feel.

The "hide and seek", "world without you", and "annihilation" sections all have the same chord progression repeated at different tempos. The guitar part from "hide and seek" was reused in "word without you" at double time and in "annihilation" at quadruple time.

And yes, several of these lyrics were lifted from other songs.

Released on 19 December 2010.


You are either for the free speech
Of ideas you disagree with
Or you are not for free speech

I've never been unhappy but I wonder what it's like
Is it like drinking lemon juice or falling off your bike?
Or maybe it feels when your moving a couch up the stairs
Only to find an evil witch that pulls out all your hairs

Lit signs will show you the way to the nearest exit
In case of an emergency please follow all of the
Instructions given by your flight crew

Hide and seek
Kick the can
Capture the flag
Freeze tag
Truth or dare

You lose lots of heat through the blood to your head
That's why you should wear a hat in the winter

According to the Standard Model
The entire universe is made out of three kinds of subatomic particles
Ve believe in nussing
You got your quarks, your leptons, and your force carriers
Now quarks and leptons are further divided into three generations

How I love you, how I love you, how I love you, how I love you Frisco
New York ain't so bad neither

Thank you for your thoughtful gift of these disco pants
I promise you that every full moon
I will be wearing them and think of you
From now until eternity

This is the exciting part
Go go go

I can't imagine this world without you
It breaks my heart to be apart from you
My answer for you is that I will be your bride.

Estoy viajando a la catedral de Santiago de Compostela
Hey can you take a note of that?

Suffering I'm not proud of what I've done
Elated joy when I think about the world to come

Think about your shoes
Take care of them

Mama's got a squeeze box
Daddy sang bass
Mama told me not to come
Don't cry daddy
Yo mama don't dance
What would you do, daddy?
Mama told me what I should know

Sol sol sol pezevenkler sol

The complete annihilation of the entire human race
Goodbye sisters, goodbye friends, I valued you right up until the end

Keep your shirt on
Take you shirt off

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